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The Venue

Knife River Place features a spacious modern barn with industrial and farmhouse details. Clean white walls, vaulted ceilings, modern chandeliers, and touches of weathered wood walls and beams make the space both flexible and complementary to your unique style. Weddings are our primary focus, but we are also happy to handle your retreats or corporate events. Nestled in acres of fields, forests and winding riverbed, Knife River Place can accommodate what your party desires while enveloping you in the beauty of nature. 

Let us host you!

After your guests walk through our entrance, there is ample space for a gift table, guest book, guest favors, and/or seating chart for the dinner reception. Couches, chairs, large windows, and modern decor allow for your guests to comfortably gather and visit in this space.


You get to choose your licensed caterer, but we can help direct you if you need help! Our caterer's kitchen provides the space, counters, refrigerator, freezer, sinks, and 16 pan AltoSham warmer.


Our Grooms Room features space for the guys. There are open lockers for hanging several suits, floor length mirror for checking the tie and the hair, and a pub table and couch to view the large TV. Right around the corner is a snack bar and a mini-fridge for the groomsmen convenience.


One of the most admired places of our venue is the bridal loft! Adorned with chandeliers and fresh white walls, this open and spacious room offers several beautiful and comfy lounging areas to relax as well as spaces to get glammed up! The loft features a long granite beauty bar with lights, large mirrors, and plenty of plug-ins! Soaring windows in the open staircase allow for plenty of natural light, and a snack buffet counter completes the wish list with a mini-fridge and a Keurig. The window seat nook is framed by warm wooden beams and serves as the perfect resting spot to hang the bridal gown before it is donned. The bridal loft features two beautiful private bathrooms for the bride’s crew to utilize as well.


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